Stepping into power

Presenting Issue:

Lack of confidence and mild depression

I work in IT in the City and I was having a rather bad time at work and feeling quite depressed in myself. Basically I felt like I was trying to be someone I wasn't and do what I thought was right for everyone else rather than me. This was affecting my work I started seeing Christina and found it very useful to speak to someone who was "independent" and was prepared to listen. She stepped back and listened to what my issues were. What was strange was all my feelings came flooding out. I have never been so open with friends or family.

In Christina's sessions we analysed some of my beliefs and feelings . This involved looking at my childhood, school days etc... I learnt a great deal about myself and soon began to realise what was causing me to feel and behave the way I did. Christina has an amazing skill of helping you understand the obvious and I will always remember one quote which was "Everything we are discussing and all the insights you are having, you already know, I am just helping you to acknowledge them.". She has helped me put my life into perspective and realised what is important and what is not.

I already am 100% better than I was and am leaving my job to follow a career in theatre I cannot explain enough how grateful I am to Christina for her help. She listens, is caring, has a huge amount of knowledge, does not judge and has a genuine desire to help. I have a whole new outlook and it is like a weight of my mind and a breath of fresh air.

Thanks to Christina.

D.B I.T.Consultant