Life and career choices

Presenting Issue:

A very low point in my life.

I didn't like my job, my confidence and self-esteem were at an all time low and, most importantly, my marriage (of 10 years) was on the rocks.

Meeting Christina and going through the Chrysalis Process was, quite simply, a life changing event for me. As the main priority in my life was to patch my marriage up I was sceptical that the process (which concentrated purely on me and not on my relationship with my husband) could help.

When I met Christina I was struck by her great personal presence and she immediately put me at ease. Christina took me through the process with great care and sensitivity and for two days carefully peeled away all of the limiting beliefs and doubts I had about myself, some of which I didn't even know I had.

I can only describe the process as someone who cares for you holding up a mirror and helping you see why you have the beliefs about yourself. She helped me understand the root of the problems I was experiencing and that I had the power to change things if I truly wanted to. At the end of the process I felt completely drained, however, slowly at first, things did begin to change and within 6 months I had left my job, was on a 5 month career break with a great job lined up for the end of it and was taking a second honeymoon with my husband. Going through the process has had a lasting effect on me and five years on, I have never been happier both in terms of my personal and professional life...

Thanks Christina

R. T (H.R. Director)