Focussing and goal setting

Presenting Issue:

"My ducks were definitely not in a row".

I worried too much. At my age and in my position I should have been confident in what the future holds and be clear in my direction with a sound career plan laid out. Why am I the only one who has doubts about me and my potential? I am almost fifty and I was holding me back!

Through working with Christina I was helped to understand why, faced with certain everyday situations, I responded in certain ways. Why events in my childhood led me to act 'inappropriately' as my childhood self, in certain 'grown-up situations' rather than with the appropriate adult response.

I now have a better understanding of why I had feelings of doubt when I needed confidence, fear of what might happen rather than what actually does and subconsciously acting out the wrong response. I was helped to revisit, better understand and quickly correct these inappropriate feelings for good. I am now getting on with my life with a new confidence. Iíve been able to see what others see in me and I feel good about myself. Iíve already got a game plan in place and have taken 'significant decisions' about my future which I know will ultimately enhance my work performance. I am extremely grateful

MNWB Operations Manager