Living into potential

Presenting Issue:

Personal coaching to enhance my potential, understand the reasons for my self-imposed inhibitors resulting in the attainment of a senior management role.
I understand where my previous 'resistors' came from, I can understand why I might react in a certain way and can 'handle' myself, I have achieved an emotional groundedness, which has been really useful in the work context.

I have a level of self-esteem I've never had before both inside and outside of the working environment. I know when I need a top-up! I have attained a director role - level and remuneration - which I knew I was capable of but did not previously have the emotional wherewithal to believe I could attain. I have more plans for the future. I have also recommended Christina to two senior executives who seeing the results I have attained are starting to work with her.

J.C International H.R.Director