Performance enhancement

Presenting Issue:

  • Personal development to adapt my approach to work within a large organisation.

  • To provide a wider range of approaches and responses to maximise interfaces within and outside the organisation.

  • To enhance performance of self and others.

  • To enable dialogue with senior management on the same level.

  • To re-open previously closed stratagem to creative thinking and approach.

Results achieved:

A more balanced approach to most subjects. The tendency to 'jump in' is now significantly reduced allowing more breathing space. Consequently I am better able to appreciate others' drivers and communicate at a more appropriate level to achieve my own agenda. Achieving performance from others is less aggressive and therefore less stressful and much easier. Open dialogue with senior management is encouraged in the organisation.

I am more comfortable in this environment than before. The creative approach is returning apace and benefits many aspects of work (eg more lateral problem solving) as well as domestic life. In my experience, I was keen to introduce personal change to my approach and the work carried out was a great success. To achieve best results, I believe there should be a willingness to change.

G.M Senior Quantity Surveyor