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  • Gaining understanding from others in a supportive and questioning environment.

  • Joining with other professionals to discuss case studies

  • Being part of a like minded enriching network

  • Opportunities to take skills to next level of practise

These are just some of the benefits for anyone joining this supervision group.

If any of the above is of interest to you, or to someone you know, read further and learn how you can join and participate in this exciting forum, which already has a track record.


Christina Bachini
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Calling all coaches who would like to attend Supervision and Professional Development Group

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"Supervision is an essential and enlightening experience for any coach,
Christina has exactly the right support to offer –
warm, knowledgeable and insightful"


What is SuperVision?

Supervision provides an opportunity to develop deeper understanding of what you do as a coach.

It encourages different patterns of thinking which will challenge your tried and tested habits. It will enable the gaining of confidence to work with many different issues and to know that you are working effectively. Supervision will enable sole practitioners to develop a connection with others in the same field of work.

By working in a developmental and learning environment confidence can be built around current skills, which will enable you to offer many solutions and interventions keeping your practise up to date and growing in expertise


Our clients want results and want their coaches to help them to find the best way forward.


Group Aims

The aim of this group is to offer coaches the opportunity to look at their coaching practice, share successes and concerns and develop an understanding of the relationship between coach and client. To engage in discussion of live issues which are effecting coaches, so that a way forward can be generated.


Why supervision?

Supervision is a useful tool for the development and learning of coaches who would like to take their coaching skills and self-understanding to a deeper level.

Often what we say we do and what we actually do are not the same, this group will endeavour to connect both theory and practice, which will create congruence in the coaching environment.

Through this group you will have the opportunity to take your skills to the next level of practice and experience. It will be facilitated, in a gentle, positive yet sometimes challenging way. With a mixture of case studies, theory, personal coaching and change work.


How we will work as a group

  • Presentation of case studies with each member of the group having opportunities to present cases as well as to offer understanding and solutions.

  • Discussion of cases which are proving challenging, identification of what has not worked so far and suggestions for new strategies to be tried.

  • Discussions about issues that are being experienced by attendees.

  • Co-coaching with other members of the group and gaining direct feedback

Questions for discussion will include:

  • Who are you as a coach?

  • What kind of supervision is useful for a coach

  • What is the nature of the relationship between you and your client?

  • Who are the clients you connect with best?

  • Who are the clients with whom connection is less easy?

  • What are the areas you feel less comfortable coaching?

  • How can you terminate a client relationship that is not working well?

Discussion themes will include:

  • Coaching relationship boundaries

  • Relationship between coach and client

  • How to deal with a situation that is outside of current expertise

  • Working with clients who have deeper issues

  • Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling as a method of coaching

  • Coaching/counselling/mentoring: understanding the difference.

  • Projections

  • Feelings of the coach related to client

About Christina:

Christina has offered both individual and group supervision for more than a decade to coaches, counsellors, humanistic psychology practitioners and training courses, her background is in Humanistic Psychology, Counselling and Group Dynamics. She is a trainer of N.L.P. and a Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling practitioner.

Through her experience as a coach supervisor, she believes that group supervision is a rich and rewarding way of gaining professional and personal development, with the added bonus of contact with like-minded people who want to be on the leading edge of this emerging profession.

The group will be facilitated overall by Christina however participation will be encouraged, so there will be an element of the group running as a peer learning community and the dynamics of the group will provide a rich and fertile ground for personal and professional development.


Group practicalities

This group will be facilitated from the requirements of the coaches who attend, depending on level of expertise and experience, the agenda will be decided by the group as a peer learning community and will be flexible to meet the emerging needs of the group.

Each group will offer an opportunity for up to 6 people as a closed group from its initial start point,

Group (A) will start 1st Wednesday of Feb 2006 (1st) and run monthly. Time 4.00 – 7.00
This group will offer supervision to Executive – Business – Career Coaches

Group (B) will start 3rd Thursday of Feb 2006 (16th) and run monthly. Time 5.30. – 8.30
This group will offer supervision to experienced coaches from any field of coaching.

Group (c) will start on 4th Wed of Feb 2006 (22nd) and run monthly. Time 6.00 – 9.00
This group will offer supervision to Life Coaches – Personal Development Practitioners

Your investment will be 3 hours plus £30.00 + VAT total £35.25. Payable by direct debit, 1st day of each month, for the duration of your membership in the group.


To discuss further or to make an enquiry about the groups please contact Christina:

Tel: 0118 979 0677: Mob 07970 745356

Email Web:


Venue: Nr. Wokingham, Berks.

What other participants have gained

  • We discussed the term 'supervision' at the first meeting, and I can see now that the title 'Supervision' reflects the thoughts that the group as a whole provides, “super vision” through sharing thoughts and looking at coaching from many different angles - this group isn't to do with being supervised in the traditional sense of the word.”

  • “I have learnt so much from listening to how other coaches approach situations. The opportunity to question and talk about concerns with someone who is very experienced and gaining feedback on my practice has been challenging and invaluable”

  • “Presenting a case study made me look at my coaching methods, and question whether there were other 'angles'/methods I could have used. Feedback from the group, in a non-judgmental, safe, secure, environment, helped me look at ways of improving, and I was able to take on board what I felt would be most useful and comfortable to me.

  • I am learning so much from other participants. I enjoy being in this supportive environment, with the ability to share concerns and raise questions, very important to me as I can be a perfectionist and feel I 'should' know everything!

  • I feel that we are all respected for who we are, and what we offer to coaching as individuals.

Christina Bachini

For further information please call Christina on 0118 979 0677 or email: